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Track: Someday
Artist: The Strokes
Album: Is This It
Plays: 57675


Someday | The Strokes

Track: Ghost
Artist: Bombay Bicycle Club
Album: I Had The Blues But I Shook Them Loose
Plays: 772


Always planned but never get things done
I walk in the room and see you waltzing around
The love that you give is such a familiar sound
You just fly straight up and calm the fuck down
You see a house fall because you built it on the wrong ground

tbh i looked up the lyrics to all those songs even though i know them just because i didn’t want to fuck up and look like an idiot

Anonymous said:
I stand corrected vw

"no one cares when you are wrong/but i’ve been at this far too long/to act like that when we should be in perfect harmony"

Anonymous said:
Mardy bum

all of them wtf that song is a lyrical masterpiece
but i really really love:
“and i can’t be arsed to carry on in this debate that reoccurs/oh, when you say i don’t care/but of course i do, yeah, i clearly do”
thank you!!

Anonymous said:
Ur fave song by franz ferdinand

i don’t listen to franz ferdinand, sorry!!

Anonymous said:
what part of florida are u from??

south florida!!! like 30 mins from miami!!

Anonymous said:
The strokes 12:51 and reptilia

12:51 -
“kiss me now that i’m older, i won’t try to control you”
reptilia -
“you’re no longer laughing, i’m not drowning fast enough”
thank you!!

Anonymous said:
Secret door AM

“i who was earlier reluctant was suddenly embarrassed and corrected/how could such a creature survive in such a habitat”
“turn to a scribble on a page by a picture that holds her abscence/but you’re daft to think she’d care”